Fungal Phenomics

Group leader: Ulf Thrane

The group is committed to the exploitation of the biodiversity of fungal species, their utilization in basic research as well as applications in biotechnology.

We want to challenge the existing portfolio of fungi applied in industry through advancement of new fungal cell factories by intelligent selection of unconventional fungal strains with new and promising functional traits. Focus is on the biotic and abiotic regulation of the physical and biochemical traits of fungi in response to environmental influences - the fungal phenome.

Activities do also include analysis and modification of the gene clusters and their regulatory elements in collaboration with other research groups within Section for Eukaryotic Biotechnology, as well as with the bioinformatics in Center for Biological Sequence Analysis.

Based on the potential of the IBT Culture Collection of Fungi our activities will be influential in the realisation of systems biology approaches in filamentous fungi at the department. Specifically, the group plan to initiate a fungal PhenBank - an accessible database with phenotypic data on fungal species and strains. In PhenBank the plethora of phenotypic, generic, omics data, and whole-genome sequences will be integrated to facilitate prediction/ modelling the function of genes represented by their DNA and/or protein-sequence.



Ulf Thrane
Associate Professor
DTU Bioengineering
29 MAY 2017