Research groups

DTU Systems Biology comprises 25 research groups of which 11 are part of Center for Biological Sequence Analysis (CBS).

You will find a link to each group in the menu on the left. 

The 25 research groups at DTU Systems Biology are divided into five sections:

Bacterial Systems Microbiology

  • Bacterial Ecophysiology and Biotechnology
  • Infection Microbiology
  • Metabolic Signaling and Regulation

Integrative Systems Biology

  • Cancer Systems Biology
  • Microbiome Systems Biology
  • Computational Chemical Biology
  • Integrative Systems Biology
  • Regulatory Genomics

Eukaryotic Biotechnology

  • Microbial Metabolomics
  • Natural Product Discovery
  • Fungal Physiology and Biotechnology
  • Eukaryotic Molecular Cell Biology
  • Systems Metabolic Lipidology
  • Fungal Phenomics
  • Fungal Chemodiversity
  • Fungal Degradation

Protein Sciences

  • Enzyme and Protein Chemistry
  • Disease Systems Immunology
  • Protein and Immune Systems Biology
  • Immunoinformatics and Machine Learning

Genomic Diversity

  • Functional Human Variation
  • Metagenomics
  • Molecular Evolution
  • Network Engineering of Eukaryotic Cell Factories
29 MAY 2017