Photo: Thorkild Amdi Christensen
10 AUG

India and DTU looking to increase cooperation

The Indian ambassador, Rajeev Shahare, and his wife received a warm welcome when visiting DTU. Increased cooperation was on the agenda.

13 JUL

Specific Gut bacteria cause reduced insulin sensitivity

Currently, scientists think the major contributors to insulin resistance are excess weight and physical inactivity, yet ground-breaking new research, with leading Danish...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Bacteria and microorganisms Health and diseases
27 JUN

Food’s transit time is a key factor in digestive health

The time it takes for ingested food to travel through the human gut – also called transit time – affects the amount of harmful degradation products produced along the...

Food, fish and agriculture Nutrition and dietary habits Health and diseases
19 MAY

DTU gets a share of EUR 5,5 million research pool

The Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science has granted more than EUR 5 million to five Danish universities and protein research. DTU will be awarded part of...

Enzymes and proteins
20 APR

From the University of Copenhagen to DTU with a load of moss

Physcomitrella patens is not just a small, bashful plant that principally grows in Central Europe. It is also the launchpad for Henrik Toft Simonsen’s green cell factories...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Biological systems Cells Synthetic biology Medicine and medico technology
18 MAR

Gypsum boards come with built-in fungus from the factory

Fungal growth in water damaged buildings is a well-known phenomenon which can have major financial and health impacts. It has been taken for granted until now that the...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Computer calculations
Photo: Jakob Boserup
20 JAN

Bacteria researcher receives annual award of DKK 5 million

On Friday, 22 January, Professor Lone Gram will receive Denmark's largest individual research award, the 2016 Villum Kann Rasmussen Annual Award for Technical and Scientific...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Bacteria and microorganisms Genes and genomes
16 DEC

Five young DTU researchers boosted by funding from the Danish Council for Independent...

Five talented DTU researchers receive funding for their research projects from the Danish Council for Independent Research.

09 DEC

Medico-technology is the ‘new black’ for entrepreneurs

Six entrepreneurs from DTU are among those in the running to take top honours in the Danish Tech Challenge 2016. In November, they had the opportunity to pitch their ideas...

Entrepreneurship Innovation and product development
26 NOV

Denmark’s biggest computer specially designed for life science

It took thirteen years—from 1990 to 2003—and cost USD 3 billion to map the human genome. Today, using a small sample of human DNA—from a person living or dead—we can...

Computer calculations Data analysis Hardware and components Genes and genomes Bacteria and microorganisms

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29 MAY 2017