About the department

About the department

DTU Systems Biology's academic profile covers the fields of cellular, molecular and structural biology, bioinformatics, computational biology, industrial biotechnology, biomedicine and health. Systems biology addresses both the overall properties of a biological system and uses scientific approaches to understand specific mechanisms. Therefore, much of the work carried out by our research groups is characterized by the incorporation of several academic disciplines.

Fundamental biological research constitutes the point of departure for technological activities at DTU Systems Biology, and we put great emphasis on transforming scientific perceptions into advanced technical applications. This applies to our research as well as to our study programmes.

DTU Systems Biology has approx. 250 employees, comprising faculty members, PhD, technicians and administrative staff.

Together they form 24 research groups and teach at the undergraduate programmes Human Life Science Engineering and Biotechnology, as well as the graduate programmes Bioinformatics and Systems Biology and Biotechnology. 

29 MAY 2017