Group members

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Name Title Unit Ph. E-mail
Susan Andersen Susan AndersenPhD studentDTU
Athanasios Arvanitidis Athanasios ArvanitidisIndustrial PhD studentDTU
Vibeke Barkholt Vibeke BarkholtLektor emeritusDTU Bioengineering+45 45 25 27
Sidsel Krogh Bendsen Sidsel Krogh BendsenPhD studentDTU Bioengineering+45 29 92 69
Johnny Birch Johnny BirchPhD studentDTU Bioengineering+45 45 25 27
Hasan Ufuk Celebioglu Hasan Ufuk CelebiogluPhD studentDTU
Roall Espersen Roall EspersenPhD studentDTU
Karina Jansen Karina JansenLaboratory technicianDTU Bioengineering+45 45 25 27
Marie Sofie Møller Marie Sofie MøllerAssistant ProfessorDTU Bioengineering+45 45 25 27
Laura Nekiunaite Laura NekiunaitePhD studentDTU Bioengineering+45 45 25 27
Sita Vaag Olesen Sita Vaag OlesenPhD studentDTU
Emil G. P. Stender Emil G. P. StenderPhD studentDTU
Birte Svensson Birte SvenssonProfessorDTU Bioengineering+45 45 25 27
David Teze David TezePostdocDTU
Triinu Visnapuu Triinu VisnapuuPostdocDTU
Jens Vogensen Jens VogensenPhD studentDTU
Ditte Hededam Welner Ditte Hededam WelnerPostdocDTU
Tina Wielje Tina WieljeDTU Bioengineering+45 23 71 26
29 MARCH 2017